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Meet Our Team



Meet the pretty face of the operation.  Bryan co-founded LIT in July 2019 with Dana, Doug, and Michelle.  When he’s not at the lounge, he’s working his “big kid job” at Bommarito Automotive Group, where he’s been the Director of Finance for 23 years.  Besides smoking cigars, his other passions include golf, travel, and spending time with his family.


Favorite cigar  Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado

Favorite drink  Michter's 10 Year




Meet the brains of the operation.  Bryan convinced Dana to help open a "little cigar shop” in July 2019, and she took that dream and built what you see today.  You can find Dana at the lounge…well...all the time, and if she’s not making drinks, selling real estate, or yelling at Bryan, you can find her cleaning up before you even stand up.  When she’s not at the lounge, she’s working her job as a residential real estate agent, something she’s been doing for 20 years.


Favorite cigar Maria Lucia by Luciano Meirelles

Favorite drink Hiatus Reposado on a big cube...salt + lime!




As one of the co-founders of LIT, Doug had one goal.  He wanted a great place to smoke!  He accomplished that at LIT, but you won’t see Doug at the lounge very often anymore.  He and his wife, Michelle, moved to Milwaukee, WI in December 2019 where they currently reside with their three children, Jack, Gavin, and Zoe.


Favorite cigar Davidoff Nicaraguan Toro

Favorite drink White Claw



As the co-brains of the operation, Michelle is equally responsible for the warm decor you find at LIT today.  She and Dana wouldn’t let the guys have anything to do with how the place was set up, be very thankful for that.  As we mentioned in Doug’s profile, you won’t find Michelle at the lounge very often, she’s living the dream in the great north with her family!


Favorite cigar No, thank you

Favorite drink Good red wine



The bouncing baby boy works at the lounge full time.  Andrew has his

Retail Tobacconist Certification, so challenge his knowledge! You’ll find Andrew adding cigars to his dad’s tab and he's always up for a Golden Tee challenge.  When he’s not at the lounge, you’ll find Andrew sleeping, hunting, playing video games, or golfing.  Andrew also represents some of our favorite brands on the wholesale side.  Jake Wyatt, Luciano Cigars, Fratello, Illusione, Cavalier, and Sans Pareil.

Favorite cigar Tatuaje Escasos T 

Favorite drink Daviess County Double Barrell



This southern gal joined the LIT team in October of 2022. The LIT Cigar Lounge Bourbon Steward officially earned her ‘Stave and Thief Society’ Bourbon Steward certification, as well as her CRT Tequila Certification in 2023. Nikki serves as our Bar Manager and can always be found behind the bar. Outside of work, she enjoys playing video games and spending time with her husband and 7-year-old son. 

Favorite cigar Pass 

Favorite drink Rainbow Sherbet Sour Ale



Ethan joined the LIT team in February of 2023. He is our resident whiskey nerd and is very knowledgeable when it comes to cigar/whiskey pairings. Ask him questions! Ethan can be found in the humidor or nerd-ing out at the bar. When he's not at the lounge, he is smoking and drinking on his patio at home.

Favorite cigar Swisher Sweets

Favorite drink Water



Kim works at the lounge part time, also originally as a recruited volunteer.  Regardless of how many times she asks, please don’t let Kim control the music.  When Kim isn’t at the lounge, you’ll find her watching one of her two sons play sports, or on a golf course.


Favorite cigar E.P. Carrillo Pledge

Favorite drink That’s a hard one. I love everything”

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